In 2019 I started the journey of creating a mild , long-lasting oil perfume that will not only smell so good but speak to different personalities. 🙂

I arrived at the final product in 2021 and sent out samples to different people and the feedbacks were amazing.

So let me introduce to Viv La Viv Perfume oils. The best perfume oils you will ever use.

La Jefa

La Jefa is a unisex oil that was specially curated for the boss in you. This oil perfume was created for the men and women who hustle everyday leaving little or no time for themselves. This perfume was created to empower, boost your confidence and keep you sweet smelling and fresh all day. To the man and woman who never gives up, this is for you because you are the boss.


Carisma is a seductive female oil perfume. It has a welcoming aura that makes you just want to eat yourself. This elegant fragrance was specially curated for you strong , beautiful, classy and bold woman who wants to feel sexy and seen. If you want your partner to not get enough of you, then this seductive oil is for you. Carisma will make a statement for you when you walk into a room even before speaking .This perfume is for YOU because we see you .

See what people are saying about charisma and la jefa

If you buy Viv La Viv oil perfume and it doesn’t live upto the testimonies and everything I have said , I will refund you .That is how confident I am that this is the oil perfume you didn’t know you needed and you will completely fall in love with.

To own a bottle. I will personally inform you immediately it launches so you don’t miss it.

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